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GStar Networks

2260 S. 4th Avenue
Suite F
Yuma, Arizona 85364
O: 928.328.1712


Servicing: Yuma, San Luis, Welton, Somerton, El Centro, Mexicalli, Bard and Imperial County areas.

Diagnostic Engineer Trained

Our exposure to the PC internals is not new. With GStar's staff experience of 40+ years we have worked on large systems, such as the IBM RISC systems to small commercial PC based servers.

As computers become smaller and more complex, customer are now looking for ways to improve the overall efficiency of their shop. At GStar we offer network analysis and port certification for 10/100/1000. We offer lifetime network warranties including CAT6 shielded, Fiber optics, patch panels and termination blocks.

Fiber optics, MESH Networks and Wi-Fi

GStar is capable of setting up your fiber optic backbone, we have experience within single-mode and multi-mode. Some of our customers include the United States Border Patrol and the Yuma Providing Grounds. We also have installed fiber optics within the Southern parts of California.


MESH Networks are designed to provide "self-healing" routing. GStar has a CME (Certified MESH Engineer) on board waiting to discuss how this self-healing network can provide greater uptime and reduce any downtime.


Wi-Fi bridges have become relatively inexpensive, many of the Wi-Fi systems can link up to 20 mile (with a good Line Of Sight) and for less than $2,000.00

VPN Technology

Are you seeking to have access to you small business data from home? By setting up a secured channel, known as a Virtual Private Network, you can now enjoy the benefits of staying on top of your workload.

Now lets take the VPN a step forward, the VPN client can be installed on your laptop. And with the touch of an Icon application, which can be launched off of any network, you now have access to your business servers.

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